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How to cascading single/multi values into tabular form on ORACLE APEX ?

  • Steps..

    1. Create tabular form, now i want that when changed value OR selected value on cascad_id column i see cascading values into other columns.
    2. Change cascad_id type column from number column to Popup LOV (Shows return value) and insert your LOV query .
      1. Now looking for ID for cascad_id column by INSPECT your browser (in our case ID=”f02_0001”).
    3. Now we need create Application Process /process point = (On Demand)
      Name: Get_CscdValues
    4. We want ID’s  (by Inspect browser) of tabular form column that we want to cascading values to them
      #in our case..
      Name column id=”f03_0001
      Age column id=”f04_0001”
      Type column id=”f05_0001”
      Job column id=”f06_0001”
    5. Now we need to create JS function

    6. Put JS function in (Function and Global Variable Declaration) Section of form page.
    7. Put (onchange=”javascript:f_fetch_values(this);”) into Advanced/Custom Attributes section, look Pic.
      Screenshot from 2016-01-13 20:09:31
      Screenshot from 2016-01-13 20:10:24

    8. Now save, test your tabular form.
    • Now you can select from Popup lov and return all values for all column.
    • Now you can change value of cascad id column to change values of columns .
      #Sample     user:test   pass:test

      First, full thanks to my God.
      Then thank you  Jitendra and Oracle Apex community 


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